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WTEdge Platform is the customized cloud-based database and reporting platform UI of choice for small and medium-sized businesses. We are experts in hosting your data and offer a robust database and reporting solution to allow team’s to work collaboratively in the cloud. Our team proudly manages and provides a cloud-based data management user interface and reporting platform for many customers around the globe.

BENEFIT FROM A MODERN Data Management Platform

Secure and Robust

Take advantage of a secure, single source of truth of all your data sources in one central place.


Reduce manual tasks to a minimum and eliminate the need for unnecessary and out-dated spreadsheets.

Teamwork & Accessibility

Enjoy a solution with reliable user access, from anywhere, every time, from any device.


Powerful reporting solutions and exporting options.

Cloud-Based Data Management & Reporting Solutions

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A cloud-based customized data management and reporting platform accessible whereever your team is located.  Teams work collaboratively and concurrently on the same live data.

“….WTEdge Platform is the spreadsheet buster….”

Cloud-based Platform managed by the WTEdge Platform team of experts. Intuitive and modern user interface based on your needs to manage your data. Custom Formatted Reporting options

Cloud-Based Solution

<-- Your Data -->
<-- Always Accessible -->
<-- All You Need is Internet -->

Modern UI

<-- Modern User Interface for any browser. -->

No Software to install

<-- WTEdge is available in the Cloud via your browser of choice. Always available and always up-to-date. -->


<-- Security is most important to us. Multi-Factor Login is standard. -->

Use Cases

Instrumentation Database

Engineering Database

Engineering Data

Bill Of Material & Estimates

Inventory Management


Business Data


Market Research



We Will Help You Manage and Control Your Data!

Let us help you provide your team a secure, robust and intuitive data management and reporting platform.


Customized Solution

Let our team of experts create and maintain your customized platform so that you can focus on managing the data.


Simple & Intuitive Platform